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Collection Call Center Solutions

Empower Your vendor debt Collection processes to drive Results and Increase cash Flow, especially when resources are inadequate and time is short. For a successful collection business, having a solid debt management system that runs everything is essential.

Collection Call Centre Software Features:-

  • Allocation Management – Import Allocation from Excel/CSV.
  • Pure Talk time – No caller tune / NO TIME WASTE
  • Smart Payment Reminders – Remind and follow up with customers at the right time with ease through automatic reminders.
  • PTP Management – Let agents focus on faster collections by getting the correct customer status details with ease.
  • Maximum Profitability – Decrease operational costs by strategically allocating resources as per the process requirements.
  • Prioritize Your Consumer Collections Strategy and Sharpen Your Bidding with Statistical Modelling.
  • Get alerts and notifications on crucial events like a broken promise to pay or scheduled follow up calls.
  • Simply no excel training needed to users now, users will work on CRM and CRM will provide all required reports.
  • Users can work on Multiple Portfolio / Buckets.
  • Easy dispositions for Payment & Visit Feedback.
  • Customizable Reporting Format.
  • Self-Designable Web Based CRM ( Each portfolio can have separate Loan detail page fields as per the provided headers.)
    • Multi Alternate Number Dialling ( Can be useful in skip tracing/flow cases ).
    • Live Barging Onsite/Remotely.
    • Self-Definable Dispositions ( Unique Disposition Codes / Multi-Layered for each portfolio can be done.)
  • SMS/E-Mail Templates and Integration disposition wise. SMS/E-Mail  Blasting.
  • Data Management with Do Not Call, Start Calling, Stop Calling, Call Again.
    • Call Recording for each inbound/outbound calls. ( 100% Call Recording )
  • ACD/Agent Management Reports.
  • User Definable Filters in Reporting Format.
  • Call Voice Log Filtering by Process, Campaign, Date, Agent Name, Disposition, etc.
  • Provision to Export in Excel with User Rights
  • Real-Time Statistics.
  • Get multiple structured reports in excel format
  • Automating Operations – CCS eliminates manual tasks to increase agent efficiency. Let agents focus on faster collections by getting the correct customer touchpoints.
  • Intelligent Outreach – Get paid faster by automating and customizing calling strategy, Don’t let anything slip through the cracks by keeping a track of important activities.
  • Quality Monitoring – Review agent activities to maintain quality, Capture, track, and store all interactions to monitor agents and get complete visibility for the portfolios.
  • Ensuring Data Security and Compliance, Give role-based authorization to users like callers, supervisors, and Team leaders for accessing customer data.
  • Track Performance with Real-time dashboards and Drill-Down Reports, Track metrics to know your progress & see what you have achieved.
  • Beat the Collection Challenges, Maximize debt recovery by overcoming the Data, Process, and Technology challenges with Smart Reminders.


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